Life “was” good

Emerson Charles Evan Grant (Named after an F1 racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi) and both his grandads Charlie Grant and late Evan Oxley) was born on 15th December 2014, we were overjoyed with this little surprise, due to us already being parents to then 15 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. We were both busy celebrating and writing a bucket list for our 40th birthdays. So finding out we were expecting another bundle of joy was the icing on the cake to complete our lovely family.

We were a little anxious and rusty at first, bringing a new-born into the world, but we knew it was meant to be and that it was very special and we were all very excited.

The perfect pregnancy with no complications…

Even before Emerson was born, he became a social media celebrity with the pregnancy milestones, baby shower and birth being captured by his photographer mum.  Taking every opportunity possible capture photographic memories – We wanted to shout from the roof tops that Emerson was to be born, it truly was a magical experience. At just 12 days old, Emerson was selected to model for Olympus cameras at a photographic exhibition. The perfect model posing in a basket for newborn photographer

Life was so much fun for Emerson and our family, he really did complete our family and brought joy to everyone who met him.

Emerson began to walk at just 11 months old, he was fast, he even had great ball skills kicking a ball and controlling where wit was going.  At 12 months old, Emerson attended Rainbow nursery 4 days a week, he really embraced life and although a little younger that the rest of the football team he had just started kiddikicks toddler football club where he received his first medal.  Emerson was an above average child reaching his milestones before he should.  He enjoyed traveling up to his dad’s home town of Liverpool frequently at weekends to visit his nan and grandad (his grandad aged 75 recently climbed Snowdon to raise money for Emerson).

Emerson was such an energetic toddler running around, chasing bubbles, a football, a tennis racket or a rugby ball were never too far from his hands, having an older brother and sister who were extremely talented in sports, there was no doubt that Emerson would follow their footsteps and continue to become a great athlete competing at county and district level and enjoying his school sports days.

Above average 22 month young toddler, that enjoyed being around people of all ages.  He had just made some great friends at nursery and his new football toddler club.

Days were filled with laughter, adventures and love with my family and friends.

The next few months things started to change…Little did we know as a family how much our lives would be turned upside down.

Emerson’s journey is still very early days for us, however we truly feel that our little man is something special, he has so much to give and we want to ensure that we build on this.
Even as young as he is, our little boy shows enormous amounts of strength, determination, ability and positivity which he carries through every day with a huge contagious smile upon his face.

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