FES BIKE demonstration

Here is #emersongrant2014 enjoying a demonstration on the RT3000 #fesbike with Alex from #cyclonemobility


Children with neurological impairments have much to gain from FES activity based therapy as they are still growing and have higher levels of neuroplasticity.

Children who experience spinal cord injuries (SCI) may develop many complications, including loss of bone mass, osteoporosis, and pathological fractures.

FES is a well-established rehabilitation technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves evoking muscle contractions and patterned muscle activity. With Restorative Therapies systems, FES creates patterned movement in the arms, legs and trunk. FES enables muscles to work and perform activities even though the muscles may be weak or paralyzed through neurological disease or injury.

Why is active therapy important?

During passive therapy, muscles don’t actually do any of the work. Arms and legs are moved mechanically, by a non-FES cycle for example. Active therapy, on the other hand, allows muscles to do the work they are meant to do. This is achieved either by an individual moving their muscles on their own or when muscles are activated by FES. Either way, active therapy means muscles are working and performing the activity. FES evoked activity allows individuals to regain function, maintain their health and combat the secondary health complications of immobility.

We are hoping that The 300 challenge will help us raise the much needed funds to purchase an FES bike for Emerson to use in the home approx. 4 – 5 times a week. We need to increase and improve his low bone density and stop his osteopenia getting worse.

The cost of this specialist equipment is £17,000

The cost to attend a specialist centre 4-5 times a week would be approx. £3375 per month that is a staggering £40,500 per a year, plus travel costs.

Therefore, it is more cost effective to purchase a FES Bike to use in the home.


Join our 300 Challenge, We need 100 People, To raise £100 each In 100 days


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