IBM festival of innovations

I can not contain my excitement anymore…Over the past 5 or so months, we have had the pleasure of being involved in an IBM innovation. Creating an app for #EmersonGrant2014 that would manage and make our life with Emerson’s everyday health complications with his Spinal Cord injury, just that little bit easier to manage.


We were involved in the IBM design thinking session, a hackathon and last week we were invited to be guest speakers at the IBM Festival of innovations.

We spent time with the IBM team and discussed and advised on the issues we faced as a family on a daily basis from managing Emerson’s Autonomic dyresflexia, body temperature, ambient room temperature, heart rate, BP and sweat levels to name just a few.

At this stage there is still along way to go before anything is commercialised, however we feel that once this kind of solution has been designed for Emerson, it could also be tweaked to help lots of other people globally in a similar position.

Families with children with spinal cord injuries( SCI) to manage the complications associated with SCI through IBM Cloud, Mobile and IOT devices. We all have one thing in common and that is for our children to lead more “normal” lives and to do all the things the general population take for granted such as going to school/nursery, getting a good nights sleep and to go on holiday.

We will be working with the IBM team over the next few weeks to tweak and finalise this amazing innovation that matters.

Watch this space for further developments

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