When 4 year old Ava met Emerson


We made the news gain…such a lovely story of how LOVE and HOPE really does come in all shapes, ages and sizes…

“Sunbury girl, 4, runs mini-marathon to raise funds for Weybridge toddler with spinal cord injury”

Two-year-old Emerson Grant requires surgery for a spinal cord injury that has caused him to be paralysed from the chest down


A lovely article in #getsurrey and the Surrey Advertiser when #emersongrant2014 met 4 year old Ava at Abs personal fitness – we are so truly blessed and grateful for these guys for raising funds for Emerson but also giving us hope and spreading the love. Angie and Mike are more than fitness instructors they make everyone feel part of their extended family and make people believe in themselves and succeed in their goals and aims…

Thank you to the ABS family for getting us one step closer to purchasing the FES Bike for Emerson that will help slow down his low bone density, Osteopenia and strengthen his core and lower limbs #feelingblessed #grateful #thankful #loved ❤️ and as for Ava how amazing is she – one day I hope Ava and Emerson complete a marathon together

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