Wednesday, November 9 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM in UTC+08
YOGA Zenith
Cnr of Bombard & Simpson st, Ardross, Perth, Australia 6153




+61 466 888 578


Namaste yogis & yoginis, I trust everyone is keeping well & enjoying our lovely Spring!


When my beautiful friend & yogini Andrea shared the link about her nephew Emerson, I decided that’s ” It’s time for YOGA MALA!!”

I realised we have well passed the Spring Equinox but it is never too late to celebrate the Spring Spirit through Yoga Mala , especially when it comes to help a friend in need!

I will now let you explore to read more about Emerson here & sincerely hope the story touch your hearts. Like it does, with mine!


To all my students who practised Yoga Mala in the past with me, you know our traditions, practising Yoga Mala to celebrate Equinox! All proceeds from Yoga Mala Practices by Yoga Zenith are to be donated to community causes!


Suggestion for donation is $25/ person


And this time, our Mala is to help a friend, a member of our extended family!


With so much love & hope, I would like to dedicate this practice of YOGA Mala to Emerson ! Our prayers & love to you & your family beautiful angel through this difficult time! God blesses you �����


YOGA Mala is a unique way of yoga practice to balance and renewal when our mind, body and spirit open themselves up to receive the revitalizing Prana of the earth and sun.


We will celebrate this shift in the seasons with a transformative celebration of 108 sun salutations to honor the sun, the earth, and our own spirit.


A Yoga Mala is a series of 108 Sun Salutations, as an energizing, healing, and meditative way to welcome the change of season, to share energy, sweat, rejuvenate, and express gratitude for the many blessings of life.


This is an amazing opportunity to burn off any ‘crud’ in the system, and to empower yourself to move into your life fearlessly.


Do not fret, this is a lot easier than it sounds! The collective power of the group will create the fuel to support you in this fun, heart-opening practice. And yes, the more people, the better!



Equinox is a time of balancing in our lives, representing fertility, creation, and renewal. It is a chance to gently review ourselves and rejuvenate our relationships with clarity of mind and new perspectives. The vitality of the sun brings us dynamism, courage, and energy as we move toward longer days, blossoms, and rebirth.


So mark this date, join me & let’s experience the spirit of the Yoga Mala, experience the power of a moving meditation, heal yourself & help others to heal.




#Honey x


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